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The first time hearing the stinging riff that opens Heartbreaker was transcendent for Zeppo bassist and part time lumberjack Paul Boblett. That moment could well have been the birth of Air Guitar. He has spent the past 40 years slinging his 4-string in theaters, studios and clubs across North America.
Besides Zeppo, Boblett currently performs and records with several Twin Cities based-bands including Fathom Lane, Faith Boblett, and King James Version. Paul is also the Musical Director for “Senses Working Overtime”, an annual Twin Cities Tribute to XTC, and serves on the Minnesota Music Coalition Board of Directors.


He lives in the woods of central Minnesota, by choice, and owns not one, but two chainsaws... and a log splitter.

Little known fact: Paul spent six months playing in a house band near the North Pole.

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