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IMG_3155_John Eller_photo by Mike Hardwi



John Eller was enamored with Led Zeppelin growing up but couldn't decide whether he wanted to be Robert Plant or Jimmy Page... He chose both.


Eller is a working musician of more than thirty-five years and continues to almost make a living playing music. As a guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter, he has worn many hats over the years.


In the early 80s, he fronted the successful hard rock band, Paradox, later reinventing himself and releasing original material with John Eller & the DTs, Eller-Lynch, and currently, The Shiny Lights. Eller also
performs with the highly regarded Shabby Road Orchestra (Beatles tribute), and serves as Musical Director for the wildly popular David Bowie tribute "Rock For Pussy" at First Avenue.

John is much more of a dog person than a cat person. His favorite color is blue and he doesn't mind being short.

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